9 Aug 2019

Indian Mutiny Range Released from Pendraken Miniatures

After a lot of hard work we're pleased to announce the release of our highly anticipated Indian Mutiny range!

We've put together a comprehensive set of codes for both the British and Mutineers, including infantry, cavalry, artillery, command, personalities and more!  We've also got our usual army pack deals at the bottom, to give you an easy start on your armies.

Indian Mutiny British

MUB1   Infantry in Home Service dress, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB1   Infantry in Home Service dress, inc. comm

MUB2   Infantry in Campaign dress, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB2   Infantry in Campaign dress, inc. comm

MUB3   Sikh Infantry, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB3   Sikh Infantry, inc. comm

MUB4   Gurkhas, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB4   Gurkhas, inc. comm

MUB5   Naval Brigade, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB5   Naval Brigade, inc. comm

MUB6   Highlanders, inc. comm   £5.25

MUB6   Highlanders, inc. comm

MUB7   Lancers   £5.25

MUB7   Lancers

MUB8   Cavalry in shirt and caps   £5.25

MUB8   Cavalry in shirt and caps

MUB9   Cavalry in tunic and pugree   £5.25

MUB9   Cavalry in tunic and pugree

MUB10   Dragoon Guards   £5.25

MUB10   Dragoon Guards

MUB11   Punjabi Cavalry   £5.25

MUB11   Punjabi Cavalry

MUB12   Gentlemen Horse   £5.25

MUB12   Gentlemen Horse

MUB13   6pdr guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUB13   6pdr guns with crew (3)

MUB14   9pdr guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUB14   9pdr guns with crew (3)

MUB15   12pdr Howitzer with crew (3)   £5.25

MUB15   12pdr Howitzer with crew (3)

MUB16   18pdr field guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUB16   18pdr field guns with crew (3)

MUB17   24pdr field guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUB17   24pdr field guns with crew (3)

MUB18   24pdr siege gun with crew (2)   £5.25

MUB18   24pdr siege gun with crew (2)

MUB19   Elephant and siege gun limber (1)   £3.00

MUB19   Elephant and siege gun limber (1)

MUB20   Bullock carts (2)   £5.25

MUB20   Bullock carts (2)

MUB21   Mounted officer (5)   £1.75

MUB21   Mounted officer (5)

MUB22   Sir Colin Campbell   £0.75

MUB22   Sir Colin Campbell

MUB23   Sir Henry Havelock   £0.75

MUB23   Sir Henry Havelock   £0.75

MUB24   Casualties (10)   £1.75

MUB24   Casualties (10)

MUB25   British civilians   £5.25

MUB25   British civilians

British Army Pack contains: 1 x MUB1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14 - £33.00

Indian Mutiny Mutineers

MUT1   Sepoys in Company dress   £5.25

MUT1   Sepoys in Company dress

MUT2   Sepoys in civilian dress   £5.25

MUT2   Sepoys in civilian dress

MUT3   Ex-Company command in Company dress (15)   £2.65

MUT3   Ex-Company command in Company dress (15)

MUT4   Ex-Company command in civilian dress (15)    £2.65

MUT4   Ex-Company command in civilian dress (15)

MUT5   Civilian insurgents / Badmash   £5.25

MUT5   Civilian insurgents / Badmash

MUT6   Ghazi Muslim fighters   £5.25

MUT6   Ghazi Muslim fighters

MUT7   Barkandaze feudal matchlockmen   £5.25

MUT7   Barkandaze feudal matchlockmen

MUT8   Feudal command (15)    £2.65

MUT8   Feudal command (15)

MUT9   Bengal light cavalry, Company dress   £5.25

MUT9   Bengal light cavalry, Company dress

MUT10   Bengal light cavalry, civilian dress   £5.25

MUT10   Bengal light cavalry, civilian dress

MUT11   Bengal lancers   £5.25

MUT11   Bengal lancers

MUT12   Bengal irregular cavalry   £5.25

MUT12   Bengal irregular cavalry

MUT13   6pdr guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUT13   6pdr guns with crew (3)

MUT14   9pdr guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUT14   9pdr guns with crew (3)

MUT15   12pdr Howitzer with crew (3)   £5.25

MUT15   12pdr Howitzer with crew (3)

MUT16   18pdr field guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUT16   18pdr field guns with crew (3)

MUT17   24pdr field guns with crew (3)   £5.25

MUT17   24pdr field guns with crew (3)

MUT18   24pdr siege gun with crew (2)   £5.25

MUT18   24pdr siege gun with crew (2)

MUT19   Mounted leader (5)    £1.75

MUT19   Mounted leader (5)

MUT20   Lakshmibai (1)    £0.75

MUT20   Lakshmibai (1)

MUT21   Tantia Tope (1)    £0.75

MUT21   Tantia Tope (1)

MUT22   Prince on elephant (1)   £3.00

MUT22   Prince on elephant (1)

MUT23   Casualties (10)    £1.75

MUT23   Casualties (10)

MUT24   Indian civilians   £5.25

MUT24   Indian civilians

Mutineer Army Pack contains: 1 x MUT1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 14 -  £33.00

We've making a lot of progress on the releases this year and we'll be continuing that trend over the next couple of months with the Ancient Dacians, Sarmatians, Greeks and Persians coming very soon.  Plus we'll have the TB Line Islamics, some new Modern Vehicles and the revamped Feudal Japanese range!  Busy times ahead at Pendraken HQ!

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