5 Aug 2019

Diorama Competition from TTCombat

Every few months in the TTCombat offices we host a little diorama competition. We pick a theme and everyone gets to make whatever they want.

There aren’t many rules, and we can use whatever models we like, it’s just got to be cool! Voting took place last week on this month’s theme which was simply “TTCombat”. Everything used had to be a TTCombat product, but otherwise everyone could do what they wanted.

Jamie’s entry picture 1

Jamie’s entry picture 2

Jamie’s entry, which depicts a vicious battle in Dropzone Commander.

Jamie’s got a deadly close quarters battle going on between UCM Legionnaires and Scourge Warriors, with plenty of casualties. I love the way that the Scourge tanks really look like they’re floating, and of course the Raven that’s getting shot down by a Reaper, just as its cargo jump out into the building.

The building itself is the Administratum Decimus, which – although designed for games of titans fighting it out – as you can see fits perfectly in games of Dropzone Commander.

Lewis entry

Lewis entry is next, going back into Dropzone Commander.

This compact scene depicts two Scourge Vampires attacking a Resistance Barrel Bomber. One of them is being shot down before launching an attack, but the other has got a solid hit in, blowing up one of the engines!

Those are all our 10mm entries this month. Our next diorama competition will be in a few months’ time, with a Hallowe’en theme, so get ready for some spooky entries.

What do you all think? Have you made any TTCombat dioramas? We’d love to see! Send your pictures over to info@ttcombat.com today so we can share them right here on TTCommunity.


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