6 Mar 2019

What Next for Good Ground LLC

What Next for Good Ground LLC

For those that have been asking questions about what is to come next for the So Far From God Line, here is my extended product plan in order of production.

So Far From God

1.) Mounted Irregular Lancers - 3 with lances, 3 with swords in typical ranchero type garb.

2.) Zappadores in Bearskins with muskets (5) and one (1) pioneer with axe. One officer with a bicorne with his sword drawn pointing forward shouting to his left.

3.) Irregular Militia infantry (5 figures marching with muskets) and perhaps one with a pike.
Mixed headgear should include "Sombrero" style hats, camp hats and various ratty looking, frayed and holed Mexican peasant garb.
Perhaps one even in an 1836 style single-breasted frock from the Texas-Mexican war period.

4.) Presidial Cavalry in their unique round hats. 2 lancers, 2 with sword.

5.) Mississippi Rifles Skirmish poses (4 figures).

6.) Coast Guard in single-breasted short frock and shako. Four figures marching and three command.

7.) Hussars of the Guard of the Supreme Power (two figures with swords and 3 command).

8.) Grenadier Guards of the Supreme Power (Four Figures Marching and 3 Com.

9.) MAW Personalities:
Zachary Taylor Mounted in his famous deerskin coat and straw hat.
Winfield Scott mounted in full dress uniform and regalia.
Santa Anna on foot with a wooden table and map and field glasses on table standing in full uniform with aide-de-camp and servant with tray and wine glasses.

10.) Heavy Gun ( 12-18 pounder ) for Mexicans and a Heavy Caliber US Gun.

11.) US Limber and team.

12.) Mexican Oxen Team and limber

Good Ground LLC

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