20 Mar 2019

Medieval, 3d Printable Terrain for Tabletop and Modeling Kickstarter from Najewitz Modellbau

Welcome to my next Kickstarter campaign.

In this campaign I would like to take you into the Medieval Times.

We will devote ourselves Medieval Times up from 1066 to the end.

Between classical siege machines, you will find the first gunpowder weapons.

We do not limit ourselves to a specific region. We cover different regions and topics.  The Campaign contains the houses of medieval Scotland, Towerhouses, little fortifications and castles. Townhouses, with townwalls also should become part of this Campaign.

During our Campaign - as in past - with higher stretch goals we will raise the camapign with a number of items.

The initial modelling scale is 20/22mm. I have spoken Lucas Najewitz and he's assures me these will print ok in 10mm with a little loss of detail.

But the files are optimized to downscale them to 15mm or upscale them to 28mm.

15mm = 73% (0.73 in Cura)

28mm = 127% (1.27 in Cura)

If you game in "Heroe scale", (ca.32mm) scale up to146%.

We recommend printers with a bed size nearly 200 x 200 mm (as Prusa, Ultimaker or Clones have. Also Makerbot & Clones 225 x 150mm will work).

If you game with 28mm figures, we do not recommend this files for users with mini printers (bed size 150x150mm or smaller) !! 15mm will run without problems, in larger scale much buildings will not fit on this mini printers.  If multiple storeys, each storey is separate with floor. Roofs of course detachable.

Support this campaign and bring it to success as the last Campaigns, for which I thank the backers again...

Hope I will see my "Grognards" from my Campaigns before and welcome new backers..... My old backers know, during campaign I hear your wishes and many ad dons come during campaigns. So don´t wonder if you see no drawings for higher stretch goals in the starting phase of this campaign. Stretch gaols can change on request from backers !! So help that many people come to this campaign to reach the stretch goals. Much stuff will be included in this campaign

Thanks to my son Lucas, who composed again the soundtrack for the video.

(c)2019 "The Traveler" Lucas Najewitz

You will get a Medieval blackpowder cannon

You will get a Medieval blackpowder cannon

The Scottish Bastle

The Scottish Bastle picture 1

The Scottish Bastle picture 2

The Scottish Bastle picture 3

Different corner-turrets for the buildings

Different corner-turrets for the buildings picture 1

Different corner-turrets for the buildings picture 2

Including all stretch goals
Pledge for bundles !! Former campaigns cost 65 Euros in my shop.

Bundle backers will have also all reached stretchgoals in this and former campaigns.

 Take this campaign + one former campaign

 Take this campaign + two former campaigns

Take this campaign + three former campaigns

For bundle-backers, here you see the list of possible former Kickstarters you can back for

3d printterrain past Kickstarters

Unlocked Files

Stretched Goal 1000 Euro

The Towngate

The Towngate picture 1

The Towngate picture 2

The Towngate picture 3

The artillery + defenses

The artillery + defenses picture 1

The artillery + defenses picture 2

The artillery + defenses picture 3

The artillery + defenses picture 4

The artillery + defenses picture 5

The artillery + defenses picture 6

The artillery + defenses picture 7

The artillery + defenses picture 8

The artillery + defenses picture 9

Stretched Goal 2000 Euro

Siege machines

Trebuchet, Catapult, Ram, Siege Tower

Siege machines picture 1

Siege machines picture 2

Siege machines picture 3

Siege machines picture 4

Siege machines picture 5

Siege machines picture 6

Siege machines picture 7

Stretched Goal 4000 Euro

The Towerhouse + walls.

Towerhouses not real Castles, but fortified habitations.

The Towerhouse + walls picture 1

The Towerhouse + walls picture 2

The Towerhouse + walls picture 3

The towerhouse comes with alternative roof

The towerhouse comes with alternative roof

Stretched Goal 4000 Euro

Cog ships

different types of cog ships

Cog ships picture 1

Cog ships picture 2

Cog ships picture 3

Cog ships picture 4

Cog ships picture 5

Unlocked Files

Stretched Goal 6500 Euro

The Town

Guildhouse/Townhall, Forge, Townhouses

The Town picture 1

The Town picture 2

The Town picture 3

The Town picture 4

The Town picture 5

The Town picture 6

The Town picture 7

The Town picture 8

The Town picture 9

The Town picture 10

The Town picture 11

The Town picture 12

Stretched Goal 7500 Euro

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works picture 1

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works picture 2

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works picture 3

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works picture 4

Hussite Wagons, Tents, Field works picture 5

More stretched goal to follow

War of The Roses

Houses picture 1

Houses picture 2

Houses picture 3

Houses picture 4

Risks and challenges

There are no risks for you. At the end of this campaign you will get the download-link to your files. No extra costs for you. Take a look to my former Kickstarter Campaigns.

Najewitz Modellbau

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