24 Mar 2019

Overlords Gator Gladiator Concepts from Traders Galaxy

Just when I think my interest starts to wane on Bot War I am reinvigorated with a hundred new and exciting ideas. It’s always a hard choice what to proceed with.

Overlords Gator Gladiator Concepts

Overlords Gator Gladiator Concepts picture 1

Overlords Gator Gladiator Concepts picture 2

As I am feeling talkative here are a few bullet points about things coming this year that I am really excited about.

Ultramus in the starter set
Easy build metal minis for the starter set
New Electrotyrant and his minions set!!- (Electroshock on the juice! Literally!!)
Deceiver Air Warriors!
New Megatyrant!
Mantis giant for Overlords
Hog guard for Overlords
New Atlanticans! - Vehicles and Bots
Leviathan cast for Atlanticans (have the prints now - amazing!)
Units - Shark warriors, Guards, Drones!
Democracy transport
Democracy laser cannon light tank

Traders Galaxy

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