21 Mar 2019

It is now 3 years since the Bots first arrived by Traders Galaxy

It is now 3 years since the Bots first arrived by Traders Galaxy

It is now 3 years since the Bots first arrived. At first it was difficult to tell the two factions called Valiants and Deceivers apart. However it now seems that after just 3 short years splinter factions from each group have emerged. At times these splinter sub groups have allied with the parent group for specific mutual goals however it is more common for these groups to bitterly oppose each other. This is great news for planet earth. For if the Bot factions unity continues to break down then a united Democracy can overcome and destroy the smaller more isolated groups.

Some of the more dangerous splinter groups are listed below -
Hotwheels Bashers
Electrotyrants minions
The Trashers

With the disappearance of Galaxy Tyrant, Megatyrant assumed control of the remaining deceivers. At the time Megatyrant being the only bot in the Tyrant classification. However there has been a meteoric rise in Deceiver Bots approaching Tyrant class. Destructor, general of the eastern forces approaches this rank. However Electroshock, has split from the Deceivers with his closest followers and decided to build a primitive robot army with which to take over the planet. This selfish and ambitious act has elevated his rank to that of Tyrant. Now Electrotyrant commands a ruthless force of unthinking automata. By themselves the drones are no match for any bot. However do masse they are capable of dragging down even the Beastlords!

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