29 Mar 2019

Apex from TTCombat

How about the Apex? This colossal beast is the ultimate predator, snacking on smaller creatures and even battletanks with very little care for the difference!

This massive monster is for Dropzone Commander, and you can find its (ludicrous) rules here. Now’s the time to pick up the Apex, as with Battle for Earth round the corner, it’s good practice to fight against. You’re going to need all the help you can get fighting giant enemies.



The Titania Pattern Condor is also back in the store. Only available for a brief period last year, this one has already become a firm fan favourite. With a bulkier design than the standard Condor, this one looks like it really means business!

Rearm your UCM ground forces with a new dropship to attack Earth soon!

Titania Pattern Condor

Titania Pattern Condor


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