12 Mar 2019

Direction Bot War is going by Traders Galaxy

Hopefully by now you all know the direction Bot War is going. For those that don’t know it’s heading towards unique Bots and creatures with just a touch of nostalgia. Atlantica, Snake Corp and the Democracy are examples of this as are the new Valiants and Valiant Bashers. The Overlords will take this hopefully to the very edge.

The inspirations for Bot War I hope will always remain in place. However I also hope to produce something uniquely Bot War.

I admit initially I have had to make this transition alone. It was really hard to break away from a project I had been totally committed to for several months prior. Not only that, I am a massive fan of Saturday morning cartoons and the entire storyline of said cartoons. So many great characters and stories and so much nostalgia. It wasn’t until I made the Bashers and started thinking up my own stories for them that my mindset finally broke away from 30 years and billions of dollars in marketing.

I am currently working on a 2 month lead time on development. It has been a rocky transition to be honest. Not everything has worked out to plan. This months clunky release being a good example.

I have 2 questions I am currently pondering to help you all easily make the similar transition into Bot War.

1. I am thinking of releasing a “Bashers” random set. This set is essentially a random collection of parts to make/convert your own Bashers. This set is totally random although efforts will be made so you don’t get a complete existing Bot. The good thing about this set is that it will do 5 potential Bots for $30! The set would be on the understanding that it’s totally random parts. Lucky dip. There could be some doubles although this would be avoided if possible. Accompanying this set would be a blank Stat Card for each faction and some basic guidelines for stats.

Let me know if this would be of interest. I found making the first 6 Bashers surprisingly fun.

2. I am looking for people to write good fiction and help build the unique Bot War universe. I have the skeleton structure of the universe and the basics for each faction.

Also as mentioned before in another thread, someone willing to write unique campaigns set in the Bot War universe.

Also as mentioned before in another thread, someone willing to write unique campaigns set in the Bot War universe.

Traders Galaxy

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