21 Mar 2019

Army Pack - Standardised or Points? by Pendraken Miniatures

Army Pack - Standardised or Points?

We're about to get all of the new BKC-IV army packs prepped ready for our launch at Salute so we wanted to get a bit of input from you guys!

When you're buying a ready-made army to go with a set of rules, which do you prefer:

- Standardised: Where every army pack contains 1 x CO, 6 x Infantry units, 1 x Mortars, 1 x MG, 1 x Armoured Car, 3 x Armour units, etc.
- Points Value: Where the contents equate to a fixed points value, eg 1500.

With standardised packs the pricing is nicer as it would be roughly the same for every army, but the downside is that you'd need to point them up yourself and bolt things on to make a full battlegroup.  If we go with a fixed points value then you're always getting a set valued battlegroup that you can pick up and play straightaway in most of the scenarios in the rules, but the pricing might vary from £25-£40 depending on the contents.

The 'Points Value' packs would still have a similar make-up, but with more/less armour and artillery depending on the unit costs for that army.  As an example, armour for the German NW Europe army is expensive so you might have the usual command / infantry / support and then only 2 or 3 armour units in a 1000-1500 point army.  At the other end of the spectrum, the units in the Polish lists are quite cheap so you might have all the core stuff plus 5-8 armour units, several armoured cars, trucks, etc.

Let us know and we'll get these ready for Salute!

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