6 Mar 2019

25 Pdr Quad and Limber from Lancer Miniatures

Nice item just arrived from my sculptor 25pdr quad and limber in 10mm will be adding it to my next mould.

The Ordnance QF 25-pounder was the major British field gun and howitzer during World War II. It was introduced into service just before the war started, combining high-angle and direct-fire, relatively high rates of fire, and a reasonably lethal shell in a highly mobile piece. It remained the British Army's primary artillery field piece well into the 1960s

The Morris Commercial C8 FAT, Field Artillery Tractor, commonly known as a Quad, is an artillery tractor used by the British and Commonwealth forces during the Second World War. It was used to tow field artillery pieces, such as the 25 pounder howitzer, and anti-tank guns, such as the 17 pounder.

25 Pdr Quad and Limber

25 Pdr Quad and Limber

Lancer Miniatures

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