1 Apr 2020

Just A Quick Ramble from Traders Galaxy

Just A Quick Ramble from Traders Galaxy

I thought a quick ramble on the Kickstarter project may be fitting?

Ok so things are actually going pretty well so far on the Kickstarter project. I have all the models except Communicator already sculpted. That's quite a big expense already sorted. As many of you know already, 100% of Bot War profits are resent back into Bot War to make better and better models and basically a continually improving game experience.

Also, all the card art is done for the Kickstarter models. I haven't promised hard copy cards in the kickstarter but I am definitely hoping to do this as i feel cards are a key goal for the growth of the game.

I am super hopeful that we hit 500 pledges. If that happens it means that all the backers get their maximum value and that Bot War goes to that next level as a company. Not only will all the backers get 33 amazing models and a updated game, but Bot War will have many additional releases funded between May and December.

So much has been produced that has yet to go into production and its so important that the Kickstarter makes all this amazing stuff a reality.

Many would have seem the awesome Beastlords created by my manufacturing partner. This was the first batch of resins. The second batch of 14 existing models will be arriving in the next week.

These represent the amazing quality and professionalism that the Kickstarter models will also have. Moving forward I hope Bot War models continue to have this crisp resin quality.

I certainly encourage you to give Bot War a try. Pick up the current starter set while its on sale right now and get some games in. You will find that on the surface the rules aren't overly taxing to learn. This was definitely intended as i personally hate the intellectual investment into learning a new game.

Where the Bot War rules shine is once you dig past the basic rules and start exploring. As a Wargamer tournament player back in the day I always prefer this side of competitive play. Unlocking the synergies and characters is what made that so much fun.

And Bot War has that in spades. On the surface its easy for a shoot and bash quick game. Beer and pretzels sort of thing in an hour. But you can also get into it and try to win. Applying Strategy and tactics and synergising characters and army lists to give advantage.

This means game can fool you somewhat because some models are very dangerous if you are not prepared for how they work in the game and haven't worked out how to counter them. Trust me. EVERYTHING in Bot War has a weakness. You just need to learn what they are. Personally, I think this is a really fun aspect of the game.

For those that don't have Bot War models yet, I am unsure if you know that the majority of Bot War models are about 45-50mm tall. They are pretty large models. The Beastlords roll in at 60-65mm tall!! Bases are mainly between 32mm -60mm.

So there you have it. If this Kickstarter project hits 200 pledges it will be funded. But if it hits 500 pledges it will be like the Delorean hitting 88 miles per hour, in that you will all see some seriously cool shit

Traders Galaxy

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