19 Apr 2020

Project Update #3: BOT WAR Miniature Game, Kickstarter from Traders Galaxy

Bot War is an 8mm human scale skirmish game with models ranging in size from 8mm up to 120mm

Character bio for one of the stretch goal minis!

The Bot War background is rich and detailed!  I will try to post more character bios each day of the campaign.

John Burton and his sidekick Wong Li were born ready.  Not long after the initial Atlantican invasion, the pair and their big rig were involved in an incident with Atlantican ground infantry forces.  This resulted in an explosion that took out an entire city block ( along with almost a full city garrison of Atlantican troops).

John talks a good fight, but for the most part, despite his obvious bravado, isn't too bright.  Wong however knows a thing or too but doesn't have the words of the mighty John Burton.

Together the two make a great team.  Wong with the intelligence and fighting ability, and John with the brave talk and cutting insults.  Regardless it seems that Wong prefers to let John do the talking and run the show.

After destroying the garrison, the two joined the larger resistance where they eventually joined up with Max Starr’s group towards the end of the war.

At first John and Wong refused to join Special Branch.  John going back to truck driving and Wong opening a fruit and vege shop in China town. 

However fate was not to be so easily thwarted.  John barely survived his new truck being devoured by the Infester Termite, and Wong‘s fruit and vege shop was stepped on by Kroar when the Deceivers attacked a nearby physics lab.

Now both are teamed up again piloting Convoy.  Convoy is a fully mobile land and air battleship.

Able to change from truck and trailer into a full flight armoured battleship, Convoy is the ultimate heavy weapon for Special Branch. 

The rig is also able to transport Nighthawk, Freedom Eagle or Airblade directly into combat, launching them into the fight from its trailer.

Convoy is bristling with high tech weaponry sporting 2 front mounted cannons, 2 major top mounted gatling cannons and 4 sponson mounted gatling guns.

All the stat cards for Bot War are available free on the Traders Galaxy website!



Traders Galaxy

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