16 Apr 2020

WWII Pillbox from Vital Ground Creative

Something a little different WWII Pillbox - Egryn Abbey, N Wales

A curious little pillbox - brick built with a concrete slab roof. Ideal for the defence of Operation Sealion or VBCW.

WWII Pillbox

WWII Pillbox picture 1

WWII Pillbox picture 2

WWII Pillbox picture 3

WWII Pillbox picture 4

The model is a first cut MDF model with some improvements already been made for a second (confirmatory) cut. The roof is removable and a 20mm / 1p base fits inside if desired.

This is the tip of an Iceberg of Pillboxes I have - 10mm is an ideal scale to show variety so let’s have variety...(so more pillboxes to follow)

Pendraken early war British for shown for scale painted (almost) by myself.

Vital Ground Creative

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