2 Apr 2020

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF Plastic Soldier Company

Well at some point today and tomorrow, the NorthAG backers will be getting a first look at the rulebook with their Backer-Only PDF!

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF picture 1

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF picture 2

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF picture 3

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF picture 4

NorthAG Backer-Only PDF picture 5

Have fun with it guys!

In other NorthAG news, production is ramping up on the pre-order sets for the backers, stock is being built up and more moulds brought online. Infantry finally out of the mould... ;)

We are also commencing the design work on the next wave of BAOR and Soviet models. These are new models, so not ones from the original pre-order system. These will fill out the army list options with Fox and Ferrets, Gaskins, BMP-Ks and all manner of goodies.

NorthAG is coming along nicely so far. We are still looking at the final retail release date for those that didn't back the pre-order and we are having to take a look at things again, given current events and issues rising from the Covid-19 restrictions. That said, we are still pulling all the stops out to get NorthAG out as soon as possible!

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