20 Apr 2020

Project Update #4: BOT WAR Miniature Game, Kickstarter from Traders Galaxy

Bot War is an 8mm human scale skirmish game with models ranging in size from 8mm up to 120mm

Democracy character bio

Another Democracy hero!

New addition to Max Starr's Special Branch, Sloane Paulson is a veteran of the first Atlantican war.  She lost her parents to one of the first Atlantican barrages.  She was just 17 years old.  Her school was also destroyed in that same barrage but thankfully at the time, she was skipping school with her two friends after stealing their fathers car. 

Since that time, Sloane has become a hardened warrior and gifted pilot.  At just 20 years of age she lives life on the edge, taking risks many would not.  Her survivability has been helped because, not only is Sloane a skilful warrior, she is also incredibly lucky.

Skills, determination, a vendetta against Atlantica for the death of her parents (not the destruction of the school), and an amazing lucky streak, made Sloane Paulson the perfect pick to pilot Airblade

Airblade is a souped up 1984 Lamborghini Contach with Bot Technology running through its veins.  Able to change from angry street car into supersonic jump jet at the flick of a button.  Armed with twin gatling guns and two air to air sidewinder missiles, Airblade is Democracy style and punch wrapped up in a single beautiful machine.



Traders Galaxy

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