29 Apr 2020

Up Running Again from P.G. Models

Up running again
I’ve had a re-think and have just done another trip to my local post office.  It’s probably safe enough to go there now and again, but I shall limit my visits to about once a fortnight.

The P G Models website is open again, with two new models.  First off is the Humber 1 ton Truck,

Humber 1 ton Truck

This little model has been an absolute swine to make, mainly due to the compound curves around the bonnet and front wheel arches.  It’s been one of those models where I’ve worked on it for a few weeks, got completely stuck trying to do one part and so put it down for several weeks until I think I’ve worked out how to make it, and so on, until eventually I’ve managed to complete it.

I’ve managed to complete it

Here you can see the Humber 1 ton Truck with painted versions in green, sand colour, and in bare pewter.  In front of them is the master pattern of the “Light Wireless” (small radio truck) Humber.  This has also now been cast and added to the range.

“Light Wireless” (small radio truck) Humber

Both of these vehicles are included in the excellent book “The Humber 1600 Series” by Jochen Vollert and is highly recommended.  Jochen now runs Tankograd Publishing which is a German company with a large range of A4 paperback booklets covering a variety of topics, mainly WWII and Post War German vehicles and equipment as well as US vehicles, and a large range of British vehicles.  Most pages have just two large pictures per page, which makes them an ideal reference source for any model makers.  The next model that I want to make is the Bedford TM, and I have the Tankograd book about the TM in front of me now.   My main source for these Tankograd books is Bookworld Wholesale in Stourport-on-Severn who have a good quality mail order service, and frequently attend a number of military modelling shows (with a 10% discount to MAFVA members).

N gauge model railway layout

In between work on the two Humbers, I have also been working on another N gauge model railway layout.  At the very start when I finished work in 2003, I wanted to build a layout of Haverfordwest railway station to show the military traffic to and from the Castlemartin ranges.  No one else made models of the vehicles that I wanted, and so I made them myself, which eventually lead into me starting P G Models.  Haverfordwest was only used for military traffic after the Goods Yard at Pembroke closed down in the mid 1970s.  Prior to that, Pembroke station and its goods yard behind the station was used from WWI right through to the mid 1970s.  I lived in Pembroke in the late 1960s/early 70s, although never even thought about photographing the station.  This for me is the logical next move after making my Haverfordwest layout.  Having made a number of models for the 1990s and 2000s, it now might be interesting to do some more for the 1960s.  I already have three Ferrets and two Saracens.  I’ll need to think of some other suitable vehicles as wagon loads.

station nearly finished

Here’s the station nearly finished.  It is made from two Ratio station kits and platforms, with a Ratio signal, a cast resin Nissen Hut (to the left) and a ‘guessed at’ scratchbuilt parcels office between them.

P.G. Models

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