23 Apr 2020

Accursed Bofors Gun from Arrowhead Miniatures

Accursed Bofors Gun from Arrowhead Miniatures

The Tale of the Accursed Bofors Gun Part 12.

Firstly a big thank you for all the orders that keep coming in and hope everyone is staying safe. . Seems there's quite a few locked down modellers out there.

The Bofors gun and the Bedford QLB and QLR have been cast up but have been caught up with this wretched Covid 19 business in that the casting factory decided to close down before they were in a position to dispatch them.

Obviously I can't send your outstanding orders out until things get back to normal with them. If anyone wants to cancel and have a refund please get in touch. My admin system reminds me every day about the o/s stuff so you definitely won't be forgotten.

Stay safe, stay well

Jeff & Becky

Arrowhead Miniatures

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