25 Apr 2020

Project Update #13: BOT WAR Miniature Game, Kickstarter from Traders Galaxy

Bot War is an 8mm human scale skirmish game with models ranging in size from 8mm up to 120mm

Unlocking Early Stretch Goals for the mid - phase

So as is usual with Kickstarter campaigns we have entered the trickle phase. Personally, I am not a fan of this phase, but its nothing unusual.

Over the last two days I have been thinking about this campaign. A good bloke asked me today what would happen if it only just funds and no stretch goals were unlocked? It was a good question and something that also bothered me a fair bit. What if that happens?
I would genuinely feel uncomfortable that my backers would not receive some additional value from my campaign.

I knew the way I had set up the Kickstarter meant that it would always be an uphill battle for the first 200. Then it would start unlocking those goals. However, what about the numbers between? To be honest I have been very humbled by the support shown already for my project and of course I would be concerned if it lands in any of space between funding and unlocking extra value.

Therefore, I will be automatically unlocking the Democracy Special Branch and Dinoborg stretch goals for all pledges!!!!!!!!!
This way, if the project funds, some stretch goals are now guaranteed for backers. I am able to do this because the recent deal I did this week on similar democracy netted a better deal on costs from my manufacturing partner. So I am passing on this saving in a way.

The project still has a few weeks to go. Its 62% funded already, which is an amazing achievement, so I am really glad to unlock this additional value for all pledges early - as a thank you for those whom have pledged so far.

Needless to say, I also hope this encourages those of you sitting on the fence right now to back my Kickstarter.

Unlocked Early for all pledges

Unlocked Early for all pledges picture 1

Unlocked Early for all pledges picture 2


Traders Galaxy

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