20 Jan 2020

Update from Traders Galaxy

Update from Traders Galaxy

I thought I would throw a quick update on whats happening in the world of Bot War. While I cant get into what’s happening in a few months time yet, I can give a quick update about next month - February

I see that the only new releases in February will be Gators for Overlords and maybe limited Squidlorr. The size and cost of Squidlorr will mean that after the initial 3, any additional orders will be made to order only.

Squidlorr is by far the largest model in the Bot War list.

At this stage I have not decided on an exclusive model for February.

Now with all that being said, i am fast tracking new Democracy Special Branch models. I just think they may not be completed for February.

I am also aiming to complete, Squidlorr, Gators and the new Democracy in resin.

Traders Galaxy

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