8 Jan 2020

2020 Top 10 Requests from Pendraken Miniatures

2020 Top 10 Requests from Pendraken Miniatures

It's a new year so time for a new Top 10 Requests list!  We've not made a huge amount of progress on these over the past 12 months but we've ticked off a couple here and there.

Top 10 Ranges:
1.   Naps in India
2.   War of 1812
3.   1920's/1930's Gangsters
4.   Yom Kippur
5.   Modern Infantry (US/UK)
6.   Modern Insurgents (Afghan/African)
7.   Medieval Expansion
8.   Boxer Rebellion
9.   Napoleonic Russians - NEW ENTRY!
10. Renaissance Italian Wars

As mentioned previously, a lot of these requests have been here for some time while we work on other big projects.  Things like the Naps in India and War of 1812 wouldn't really jump the queue at this point and would be done as part of a larger Naps expansion, so we'd need to get the core periods completed first before we head to these.  The new entry in this list is the Russians and there's a good chance of those being done ahead of the others, to fit in with the ranges already in place.

Yom Kippur is doable though and I think we can get a reasonably large range done towards the back end of this year.  We've been a little held up on the artillery side of things but one of the sculptors is working on the Korean artillery at the moment and then we can move straight on to any additional pieces required for the Arab-Israeli range.  This would then lead us into the Cold War / Warsaw Pact area.

The success of the Indian Mutiny has made the Boxer Rebellion and Sikh Wars ranges a lot more viable, so we can look at those further down, possibly early 2021 depending on progress elsewhere.

Top 10 Items:
1.   WWII Italian Artillery
2.   Fantasy Bears
3.   Modern Police
4.   Elizabethan Genitor
5.   AWI Wagons/Carts
6.   SYW Ottoman's
7.   WWII Russian 37mm AA
8.   Armoured Mongols
9.   Huey Conversions
10. Colonial Gardner guns with naval/regular crew - NEW ENTRY!

The previous No.10 has been ticked off and we'll soon be releasing driver and passenger sets for all of the WWII nations.  I'm hoping to get them ready for release in early February, all being well.  A lot of the rest of the Top 10 is a bit of a slow burn but not massively difficult jobs.  Things like the WWII Italian artillery need to be scheduled after a batch of modern guns, the AWI wagons just needing a new cart making, armoured Mongols is a simple conversion job, as is the Genitor figure.

There's good news for the Fantasy players though, after many years and many requests the Bears have finally made it onto a sculpting schedule!  Techno is doing a large chunk of work on the Fantasy ranges currently, and these are in there.

As always, keep the requests coming in and you can check the previous Top 10 Request.

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