10 Jan 2020

New Dropzone Units Wave 5 Restocks from TTCombat

New Dropzone Units Wave 5 Restocks from TTCombat

With this weeks restocks we saw three new units added to Dropzone Commander. Let’s take a further look at these and see what they add to their respective faction.

Bomber Angle

First of all, is the UCM Archangel Tactical Bomber.  The Archangel Interceptor is a common sight on the Battlefields of the Reconquest already. The Tactical Bomber variant swaps it’s Air to Air Retribution Cannons for Incendiary Missiles and Gatling Guns.

Bomber Front

This gives it a very different mission profile, and one that gives the UCM a boost. When targeting scenery the incendiary missiles cause lots of Collateral Damage, making it risky for troops to enter and bunker down. Or of course, forcing already well protected troops out into the open.

Bomber Side

Due to it’s speed you can use the Tactical Bomber to make buildings and terrain on the other side of the board too dangerous for anything other than your Hazard Suits. Plus it’s all based on the (IMO) stunning Archangel Chassis for an awesome miniature.


Next up is the PHR Persephone Type-4 Walker. This is the first Type-4 to be a Support choice meaning you can now take more of these beats in your army if you so desire.  Based on the Hades the Persephone keeps the miniguns for infantry and light armour.

Persephone Front

However, where it differs from the Hades is the upgrades to the Nanomachine deployment system. Essentially adding more Nanomachines in a more controlled management pattern. Able to repair two separate vehicles at the same time, and adding an ability to cause even more death.

Persephone Side

Two modes of fire, Swarm or Surge. Swarm is 3 Energy 9 Area shots which will spell disaster for entire battle groups of lightly armoured vehicles or infantry in the open. Surge is 9 (NINE!) Shots at Energy 6 with Flame. See that building full of infantry, make it empty very quickly.

Bomb Buses Front

Last and certainly not least is the Resistance Remote Bomb Bus. Taking the ever popular Battle Bus. Setting it up as a remote Controlled vehicle and loading it with Explosives. It can only go off once, but when it does, an Energy 12 Devastator-3 (All) blast leaves little more than a smoking crater.  Of course there is the risk it can go off unplanned when it gets shot at… However desperate times call for desperate measures. And at 15 points each, the risk is worth taking.

All these are now available on the Army Builder . And of course available to buy in store. Enjoy the new units, may they bring you much success on the battlefield. I’ll be back in two weeks with the next wave of restocks.


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