15 Jan 2020

1:144 Breguet Br. XIX Light Bomber from Minairons Miniatures

New 1:144 Breguet Br. XIX light bomber

Breguet Br. XIX Light Bomber

Breguet Br. XIX Light Bomber

I'm happy to show you our first release of 2020, a new 1:144th scale SCW aircraft this time. It's the renowned Breguet Br. XIX, a light bomber and reconnaissance biplane aircraft that is a real must for virtually any interwar, SCW and early WWII setting.

Boxed set containing 1 easy assembly resin aircraft, consisting of just 9 main parts, besides of white metal pilot and gunner kindly provided by Peter Pig. Decal sheet with WWII Greek and SCW markings (both sides). Assembly instructions and Painting schema based in Vallejo range, on box reverse.

Minairons Miniatures

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