13 Jan 2020

1/144 Hwasong-15 from Armaments In Mini

Scale model of North Korea's HS-15 ICBM transporter and missile.


Hwasong-15 picture 1

Hwasong-15 picture 2

Hwasong-15 picture 3

Hwasong-15 picture 4

Hwasong-15 picture 5

Hwasong-15 picture 6

Hwasong-15 picture 7

Hwasong-15 picture 8

Hwasong-15 picture 9

Hwasong-15 picture 10

Hwasong-15 picture 11

Hwasong-15 picture 12

Kit has 27 parts and is 3D printed in resin giving smooth finish and sharp details.

These kits are printed on a single resin printer currently as we are just getting production started up on these kits, anyone ordering should allow time between order if no kits are in stock for order to be printed cleaned and packed up for shipping.

Model Dimensions

25.9mm Wide  177.3 mm Long

Kit Includes the following

27 Detailed parts to assemble one complete HS-15 transporter and missile
Assembly instructions for kit
Painting reference sheet


Armaments In Mini resin models are resin and are tiny, as such these parts are fragile and can break. These models are not suitable for small children or toddlers due to posing a choking hazard.

Purchasing of kit buyer understand these kits are not for toddlers and manufacture will not be held accountable.

Armaments In Mini

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