31 Jan 2020

Quick Update from Traders Galaxy

Ok Friday lunchtime and time for a quick update. What a busy week!

It went so fast as i was away in Sydney for a day.

As someone that predominantly masterminds most of this alone, i still want to give thanks to my artists and sculptor for all their great work. Likewise my mod team who keep me sane and grounded. A top bunch of blokes.

Ok so where are we at?

My goal over the next couple of months is to finalise and lock in all stat cards for 2020.

Once locked in, they will be ready to print.

There is a lot of stuff, and i mean a lot of things in the development pipeline. Dare i say more than ever before.

I am thinking of something a little different for February. Potentially offering some limited edition prints of the recent Bot War artwork as a prize draw for anyone spending $150 or more in February. I would draw on Facebook live at the end of the month.

I am unsure if this would appeal. It would be the Valiants vs Deceivers art and the Infesters vs Atlanticans art.

Also, please see below a work in progress concept of the new Kamen.



Traders Galaxy

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