9 Jan 2020

Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 5 from TTCombat

Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 5 from TTCombat

We have the first wave of restocks for Dropzone Commander of 2020 this week. Let’s take a look at what’s been restocked and have a look at the 3 new units.

First of all we have the Archangel aircraft for the UCM. The Archangel Interceptor has been a staple support unit for the UCM armies for a long time now. It’s ability to hunt down enemy fighters, bombers and of course dropships can turn the tide of battle very quickly.

UCM  Archangel

However as the Reconquest has continued, the UCM have been frustrated by Scourge forces who hide in buildings. The UCM really don’t want to start destroying buildings en-mass, many Commanders even finding the introduction of the UCM Claymore as against the principles of the reconquest. Yet few Generals want to send legions into a building filled with Razorworms, Eviscerators and the other more dangerous Scourge units.

UCM Claymore

With that in mind the UCM Navy have taken the Archangel and created the Archangel Tactical Bomber, using incendiary missiles that can burn the inside of a building and therefore it’s occupants but are less damaging to the structure itself. With a pair of Gatling guns to mow down escaping infantry too, the Archangel Tactical Bomber is any well hunkered infantry units nightmare.

Archangel Tactical Bomber

This kit comes with two Archangels, with which you can make 2 Interceptors, 2 Tactical Bombers or one of each. All for £12!

Scourge Stalker

Next up is the Scourge Stalker and Ravager kit. The Stalker is feared by all but the bravest Tank Commanders in the UCM, it’s Electroweb Caster is short range but capable of burning through heavy armour, while if it get’s really close it’s claws can tear open all but the very toughest of armoured units.


The Ravager is equally feared by those piloting UCM Dropships and Gunships. It’s Shard Flak Cannons making flight near a squad of these very dangerous indeed. And again, it’s claws make it a fierce opponent for any armour that may be sent against it.

Ravager 2

This kit comes with 3 Miniatures, where you can make any combination of Stalkers and Ravagers. For just £12!


Next up is the release of one of the PHR’s most deadly walkers, along with it’s new Sister Walker. The Type 4 Hades and the Type 4 Persephone. Well named as the Lord of the Underworld and his wife.

Hades 2

The Hades is already well known amongst the UCM. It’s tail gun capable of reducing a squad of tanks to molten metal in no time at all, and the buzz of it’s Nanomachines causing fear amongst lightly armoured targets and infantry. With a pair of miniguns the sheer firepower the Hades brings to bear is legendary.


Since the Battle for Earth started, UCM Generals noticed a new variation of the Type-4. The tail gun was removed and replaced with what looked like giant cooling vents. It took no time at all to realise these were not for cooling as clouds of nanomachines left them to tear apart Scourge in heavily entrenched  positions. Named the Persephone, the wife of Hades. PHR forces are using these frequently to clear buildings before sending their special forces in, nothing is safe.

This kit allows you to build either a Hades or a Persephone. And is available now for £25.


We next take a look at a Shaltari kit this week. The Dreamsnare / Leopard kit is now restocked and available in store.  The Dreamsnare is a popular unit amongst Shaltari forces, pairing multi-role firepower with a Shield Boosting Relay. Capable of wiping out masses of infantry and light armour, or melting holes into heavy battle tanks. The  Dragon Cannons allow the Dreamsnare to fulfil two tactical roles. Other units also benefit from it’s Shield Boosting Relay, meaning that the Dreamsnare is a key target for opposing forces, but any Shaltari leader knows full well to keep it protected.


The Leopard swaps the Shield Boosting Relay for a Thermal Lance, adding even more firepower. Too many prised heavy battle tanks have been lost to an ambush by a single Leopard over the course of the Reconquest, and therefore a Leopard is often a priority target for the UCM’s big guns.

Dreamsnare Weapon

This kit comes in at £12 and allows you to build either a Dreamsnare or Leopard.


All factions get a release this wave, and Resistance have the Battle Bus / Remote Bomb Bus kit.  The Battle Bus is an almost typical Resistance transport, a School Bus with some panels riveted or even just beaten into place. Often seen with a Machine Gun or Rocket Launchers attached the Battle Bus is a surprisingly efficient troop transport.

Buses Bomb and Missiles

However, some leaders of the Resistance have also seen value in rigging these buses with masses of explosives and rigging them to a remote control, driving them into armour and fortified positions to cause a giant explosion. This is an effective way to blast a hole in the enemy defencive line.

Buses Turrets and Bomb

Of course the risk of this is the bus exploding early, especially in the chaos of a battleground. Far too often a Bus rigged with explosives has blown up while in a Hovercraft, or worse, while within a friendly battle line. For many Resistance Commanders, this is a risk worth taking.

Bus Group

This kit comes with two buses, allowing you to build any combination of Battle Buses or Remote Bomb Buses with options for Machine guns or Rocket Launchers to attach to the Battle Buses. All for £12.

That’s it for this wave. The next wave will be in 2 weeks time. The miniatures are available to buy from the webstore now, and the stats will be available on the Army Builder tomorrow morning, and we’ll have a look at the new units in a bit more depth here on TTCommunity.


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