29 May 2019

Starter Set Update - Pre Orders from Traders Galaxy

Starter Set Update - Preorders

Starter Set Update - Preorders picture 1

Starter Set Update - Preorders picture 2

I have placed the Starter Set up for preorder on the website now. Preorders are a huge help to get larger projects like this across the line.

Therefore for those who preorder the Starter Set in May/June I will package with your set, not one, but TWO exclusive models.
Trasher Chopper version 1 and Valiant Broadsword version 2. Neither of these models will be available to purchase.

For those who preorder the Starter Set in July they will only receive one of the exclusive models. Valiant Broadsword version 2.

The Starter Set contents are as follows -
- 5 metal “easy assemble” Valiant miniatures (Duke the General , Angel the Marksman, Wolf the Scout, Aegis the Lawmaker and Topstar the Gunslinger)
- 6 metal “easy assemble” Atlantican miniatures (Stingray the Firstborn, Moray the Merciless, Nami, Aegon, Nebulous and Thermal the Mud Warriors.)
- 11 printed stat cards
- 1 tape measure
- 1 dice and cubes set( 5 purple attack dice, 5 red shield dice, 4 black critical dice, 1 green d6, 50 Energy cubes.
- 1 printed second edition a5 rulebook

Price $160aud

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have supported Bot War over this last 12 months. Without your support Bot War as it is would not have been possible.

For those who are new. In the past I have often done preorders for models in development to help build funds to get them faster to market. I had stopped pre orders back in February. However as Traders Galaxy grows and enters the world of boxed games I have found I need to reinstate preorders for these initial few releases. Everyone always receives their preorder and I am sure the old guard in this group will gladly testify to this. So please pre order with confidence. The earlier the preorder the more helpful for my stress levels haha 🙂.

Starter Set Delivery Progress (so you know how close it is)
- all models sculpted
- all models printed
- box design completed
- tape measure design completed
- rulebook design 98%
- Valiant stat card art completed
- Atlantican stat card art 30%
- additional dice and cubes ordered
- box and tape manufacturer to start production 29/5/19 (tomorrow)
- models to be cast end of June
- rulebook and cards to be printed late June
- box and tape delivery mid July
- expected shipping date - August

Apologies for the large post. The Bot War Starter Set represents a milestone for Traders Galaxy and me personally. When the preorder goes live 1 June. Please promote to all those wishing to get into Bot War. The initial offer is just 80 box sets. After these are all sold there will be a short delay before they are restocked.

Finally, your pre orders help this small company do some amazing things.

Remember, free shipping for purchases over $200aud. All this means is that whatever other items you order with the preorders just don’t get shipped until the entire order is ready to ship.


Traders Galaxy

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