24 May 2019

New Releases – Battle For Earth from TTCombat

New Releases – Battle For Earth from TTCombat

It’s the biggest release of the year (so far)!

Hello everyone! After some of the jellies got into our system last night, Battle for Earth made an unexpected arrival onto the TTCombat webstore (much like the UCM do in the book).

But it’s not just the book that’s on sale today, so let’s take a look!

Firstly, the book itself.

At 304 pages, this is the biggest Commander or TTCombat book to date (yes Carnevale fans, your huge tome has been beaten I’m afraid).

It contains the full rules for a new edition of Dropzone Commander, along with rules for Resistance Fleets in Dropfleet Commander, with a host of other ships for every other faction.

It also has a massive amount of background information, continuing the progress of the Reconquest (or lack thereof if the end of Phase 2 is anything to go by), and filling in some of the blanks of early days in the galactic empire of mankind.

This huge book is a measly £25, which is frankly ridiculous.

For Dropzone Commander players looking to get stuck into the new edition, the DZC Command Cards are a great add on to BFE. This pack contains 30 new Command Cards and 3 Quick Reference Cards. There are some old favourites like Espionage, and some brand new ones like Room Clearance. Each card is unique, since you can only have one of each in your deck!

Is that too much excitement for you? You want something a little less exciting?

Well we’ve had people asking for the ability to buy Infantry bases separately, so here you go! The DZC Infantry Bases Pack is here for all your basing needs. Whether you’re rebasing older models, or looking to put bases on your Walkers and Tanks (I do), this pack is the one for you!

But what about Dropfleet Commander?

The Resistance Starter Fleet is available to order now!

The set contains 3 Cruisers, 4 Frigates, and some Fast Play Cards. The cards themselves actually contain all the rules you need to assemble these models in any way you want, including points costs!

The ships can be put together in literally billions of ways (we’ll talk more about that later on next week), meaning no two fleets need to look the same.

They can also be assembled as a more elite-looking Kalium fleet though if you do want a more identical fleet! This is seriously the most modular kit Dropfleet has ever seen, and we’re willing to bet it’s the most modular spaceship kit ever designed. Dave did an amazing job on this one!

To go along with the Resistance Starter Fleet, we also have a deck of Resistance Command Cards!

This 56 card set contains a full deck of cards for your fleet. It’s got classic favourites and a LOT of brand new cards, offering unique flavour to your games, making you really feel like you’re playing on the fringes of the galaxy.

But you want new models too, right? Okay!

Next weekend is UK Games Expo, which is when we usually unveil our Event Exclusive miniatures for the year. In honour of Battle for Earth’s launch though, we’re rolling them out a week early for you Zone and Fleet players!

Introducing for Dropzone Commander: the EAA Columbus Battlewalker!

This weird new (old) walker is a remnant (heard that word before) of humanity at its most lavish and experimental. Without a war going on, they were able to develop new technology and weapons with a rather bloated budget. The initial steps into walker technology ended with the Columbus.

Now after returning to Earth, mankind has recovered some of these old vehicles. Available to UCM, PHR, and Resistance forces, the EAA Columbus is a great Scout choice for your armies. With optional Flamethrower or AA Cannon, it’s a versatile unit that makes use of retro-thrusters to arrive onto the battlefield on its own in a way that inspired how Behemoths drop to ground via drop-harnesses.

The Columbus is about as tall as a PHR walker, and twice as long. It’s a beefy one!

For Dropfleet players we have a brand new ship, unlike any you may have seen before.

Introducing the Pungari Thresher Hive Ship!

That’s right, it’s a Pungari ship! This big, blocky beast has that 80s sci-fi vibe coming out of every surface. A fitting look considering its one of the Pungari’s first attempts at interstellar travel.

A Heavy tonnage ship, this thing has no traditional weapons to speak of, but launches Boarding Torpedoes at its opponents, hoping to overwhelm them with massed Pungari attacks inside their ships. The Pungari may be dumb, but they’re definitely belligerent!

The Pungari are Subservient Mercenaries, which means that while they’re often seen fighting for their Shaltari masters, they’ll fight with anyone that will let them – all they really want is some high tech race to worship! In game terms that means that Pungari Thresher Hive Ships can be taken by any faction.

The Thresher is a bit shorter than a typical Cruiser, but is a lot taller and heavier!

We’ll have more information and some full photos of these new ships later next week, so keep an eye out!

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re anything like us, you love dice! And you’re wargamers, so yeah, you love dice. Don’t be embarrassed, we all do!

We’ve had a lot of requests for more Commander dice since all the old stock sold out. Well, we didn’t want to just reorder those, we thought we could make something a little fancier.

We have dice for all five factions, with your chosen faction logo etched into the 6 facing of the dice. That means no more scuffed dice losing their numbers! They’re all cast in opalescent plastic in your faction’s colour. Perfect for both Dropzone and Dropfleet!

Phew! That’s everything!

All of these products are available to PRE-ORDER now on the TTCombat webstore. We’ll be releasing them all on the 14TH JUNE, so pre-order today to get yours in time. We’ll have limited stock of some of these new releases at UK Games Expo next week. We really do mean limited – our production companies and printers are working overtime to get these done for us early, and what they’ve got done is what we’ll have!

Finally, we’re going to be talking about Battle for Earth here on TTCommunity for the next few weeks non-stop (alright, maybe we’ll stop on the weekend). So keep popping back to get all the latest information about what’s in the book and what it means for your games of Zone and Fleet.

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