3 May 2019

10mm Scenery & Buildings from 4Ground Ltd

A big release today for your viewing pleasure.

This month's lineup includes: several pieces of 10mm scenery and buildings,

10mm Scenery & Buildings

10mm Crop Field

10mm Crop Field picture 1

10mm Crop Field picture 2

10mm Crop Field picture 3

10mm European Hamlet

10mm European Hamlet picture 1

10mm European Hamlet picture 2

10mm European Hamlet picture 3

10mm European Hamlet picture 4

This kit is a set of 3 10mm buildings

Building 1 Dimensions : 59mm x 40mm x Height 57mm
Building 2 Dimensions : 59mm x 40mm x Height 72mm
Building 3 Dimensions : 96mm x 37mm x Height 55mm
Please check out our website for more pictures and information!

10mm Fencing & Hedge

10mm Fencing & Hedge picture 1

10mm Fencing & Hedge picture 2

10mm Fencing & Hedge picture 3

10mm Forest

10mm Forest picture 1

10mm Forest picture 2

10mm Forest picture 3

10mm Hay Field

10mm Hay Field picture 1

10mm Hay Field picture 2

10mm Hay Field picture 3

Enjoy your weekend!

4Ground Ltd

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