21 May 2019

Starter Box from Traders Galaxy

Starter Box from Traders Galaxy

Just received mockup examples of my starter box and tape measure.

Really pleased with the print quality of the mock up.

So awesome.

So things to note from the following pics.

Everything is mock up.

Rulebook is an old photocopy of Aidan Spittles

Tape measure will be black and labeled bot war, not yellow

Miniatures will obviously be the sets designed exclusively for the starter.

The cards will be proper printed cards for the starter.

The idea is that you all get as premium experience as I can give you when getting a Bot War starter.

Metal easy assemble minis.
Premium box and printed cards and rules
Bot war branded tape measure (no measuring sticks here;) )

Starter Box

Starter Box picture 1

Starter Box picture 2

Starter Box picture 3

The Starter is not due until around later this year, it WILL be produced in limited numbers initially.

Expect to see pre orders for it in the next couple of months.

Traders Galaxy

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