17 May 2019

Starter Set from Traders Galaxy

Things seem to be moving too slowly for my liking. Starter set is a bunch of individual threads at the moment. Crazy.

Here is where I am at -
- Written part of rulebook is completed by designer. As well as layout, cover etc. barcode is even on there. Have instructed designer to move on to artworks and will make some small typo, grammar and one rule adjustment.
- box manufacturer has shipped box and tape measure samples
- dice manufacturer is making more sets
- quotes are in for printed rulebook and 12 stat cards
- artist half done on stat card characters
- Valiant line up is finalised working names - Ultramus, Angel, Wolf, Crankcase, Topspin.
- Atlantican line up not quite finalised
- all models 3 part assembly maximum with head torso legs preassembled.
- box template sent to designer

What’s left to do
- supply pictures to designer
- supply additional artwork to designer
- artist to complete remaining card art
- send completed print ready book and cards to printers
- order the boxes and tape measures and send the artwork to the manufacturers
- pull the whole thing together ready for sale

Eta September

King Gills mech suit concept update still work in progress

Traders Galaxy

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