22 May 2019

Discussion about Trashers from Traders Galaxy

Discussion about Trashers from Traders Galaxy

Discussion about Trashers.

Trashers are a faction that lean towards the good side of the Bot War. It’s true that there are bad Trashers , although they are not irredeemably evil like Deceivers or Infesters are.

Little is known about the group of Bots called Trashers. What is known is that like Deceivers they were all once Valiants. Unlike Deceivers though, the Trashers are redeemable through great deeds of valor. Whatever grievous sin they once committed is known only to themselves.

Trashers seek out particular battles and charge headlong into enemy fire. To onlookers the Trashers seem like crazy berserkers. They shrug off limbs being blown off and it’s be documented to even see a Trashers head detached from his body which simply walked around picked up the head and rewelded it back on before charging back into battle.

Perhaps because of their resilience or perhaps for some strange passage of atonement the Trashers shun almost all forms of ranged weaponry and instead rely on Close attack weapons like hammers, axes and swords and shields. This trait seems to also follow their custom of naming themselves after their weapon. All previous names of who they were are forgotten and names like Chopper, Slicer, Basher and Crusher are instead commonplace.

Despite this seemingly comically simplistic approach the Trashers are a formidable enemy. Hacking and Bashing their way through Bots much larger than themselves. Shrugging off damage that would end many Bots their own size.

Trashers are the first almost exclusive close attack faction in Bot War. Their repair and regeneration abilities will have to be used cleverly to get them into close attack. Once in close attack though Trashers will trash stuff good. They have almost universal access to Special rules for combat swords, maces, scimitars, axes and shields. Plus every Trasher has repair and some have regenerate.

Only Chopper, a huge brute like war leader has access to any sort of significant ranged weaponry.

Different to every other Faction the Trashers kit will use random existing torsos and legs and include upgrade kits for 5 new heads, 5 new arms and weapons sets, 5 new spiky shields, 1 spikes sprue and 1 details sprue.

This set will allow you to make 5 random Trashers. There will be 2 multisets to choose from and in total there are 10 different head and arm sets to collect.

Chopper is a large Trasher model that will be available as a single model like War Duke currently is.

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