22 May 2019

Announcement from Traders Galaxy

Announcement from Traders Galaxy

Over the past few weeks I have been showing a lot of new sculpts coming up for release.

There are a lot. Basically development has been maintained at a speed of about 2 models per week now for many months.

All of these models so far have been printed as well so they are ready to cast.
However being in Australia does have its drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that manufacturing in Australia is a dying industry. This means that the moulds I must use come from Italy and I order these in bulk along with a small group of other manufacturers.

Because Traders Galaxy started from very humble beginnings only 18 months ago I could not afford to join this group for orders previously so needed to purchase moulds from the “spares pile” all this time. This lead to some issues regarding the old sculpts being spread across two or even 3 master moulds.

Well that will soon be at an end. Traders Galaxy’s growth means that production will now be much easier. It is an area that needs to become more efficient as the game grows.

I appreciate your patience and always appreciate your support. I personally think you will be blown away with how many models will be hitting the store soon. I expect preorders for Electrotyrants and Megatyrants Deceivers to be up next month. Along with the entire Infesters range.

As I have said before, the old range is now finished. Especially as Bot War becomes more and more popular. I am sure you can agree that this has to had to happen. I know some of you may not be happy about this however from a creative point of view the old range was very constricting for the game. Already it had begun stunting the growth of the game creatively. Plus it locked everyone’s mindset including my own onto rails of the past.

I had always wanted to capture the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon with Bot War without these rails.

Anyway. There are some great models available now on the webstore. Some of you may not know that the multisets can be built two ways so purchasing 2 sets will make 6 different models. There are actually some fantastic Valiant models available now on the store. War Duke, General Duke, Ironskin, Wrench, all the Bashers (which can be built different ways when you have most of them)
Saucer, Speeder, Bouncer, Dustwind, Apax, Doubleback, Overcharge, Herb, RJ .

As most games will be around 80 points these models are a great team to start a Bot War Valiant force.

I thank you for your patience as we move towards the light at the end of this transitional tunnel.

Traders Galaxy

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