18 May 2019

10mm Terracotta Army from Warmonger Miniatures

I met the guys at Dancing Yak Miniatures earlier this year at Cold Wars and we talked about the possibility of a project together.

10mm Terracotta Army

10mm Terracotta Army picture 1

10mm Terracotta Army picture 2

These are some early WiP shots for it: a 10mm Terracotta army. They're going to be my alternate take on undead, instead of skeletons the souls of these warriors are bound to terracotta statues by their masters.

These are the spearmen, I'd like to do crossbowmen, calvary, chariots, artillery and maybe some big monsters s well.

We're looking for feedback at this point, so thoughts?

Warmonger Miniatures


  1. I like it. If you need inspiration look at Watchful Eye Studios for more ideas on the 10mm figures.

    I would definitely buy a 10mm Terracotta Army!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Some interesting stuff you have on Watchful Eye Studios

    Take care