18 May 2019

Bedford Runway Control Vehicle from P.G. Models

Ready for Mould Making

All of the parts ready to be moulded

Just a short post to say that the Bedford Runway Control Vehicle is now ready to be moulded.  First off will be a mould with the two wheels, to get two of each, and then a mould with all of the bits that you can see here.

All joined together with no glue

Here’s everything joined together with no glue in sight.  It doesn’t always work like this, but if it can go together okay without any glue it’s a good indication that it should go together okay as the finished kit.

Three-quarter view of it

This view gives a good impression of the modified cab, with mudguards horizontal at the rear, built up using Milliput two part epoxy resin, and a smaller front bumper, now with the headlights set into the cab.  Once the moulds are done, the next things to do are the instructions.  I make no claims to being a graphics artist, so drawing the assembly sequence is always a bit of a chore for me, although luckily it’s the thought of it that’s worse than actually doing it.

P.G. Models

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