3 Jan 2019

Pendraken Miniatures Sculpting plans for 2019

Pendraken Miniatures Sculpting plans for 2019

This is what our sculptors are currently scheduled to be working on through 2019.

What We're Working On - 2019!

1. 1809 Naps - Our 1809 expansion, funded through our not-Kickstarter and covering Hesse, Saxony, Warsaw and Wurttemburg.
2. ? ? ? - A mystery project here, more details to come on this once a few packages arrive at Pendraken HQ...
3. Crimean War - We've been wanting to revamp our existing Crimean range for some time now so this will be getting done before the end of the year.

Phil (Techno)
1. Greeks & Persians - Continuing the revamping of our Ancients range, these will be the first to come online in 2019.
2. Macedonians & Indians - Quickly followed by Alexander's travels into India.
3. Warband monsters - These will be dotted throughout the second half of the year, mainly conversions on some of the out-of-production figures to bring them up to current standard.
4. Arab-Israeli - With the above completed, we'll be starting work on the Arab-Israeli conflicts.

1. Saladin/Saracen - Mart will be continuing to work on expanding our modern ranges starting with the Saladin and Saracen, which should be with us imminently.
2. Trucks -
US - M35
UK - Bedford RL
Russia - ZIL 131
3. MBT's / AFV's -
UK - Chieftain
   - FV432
Russian - T-64
Germany - Leopard I
France - AMX-30
4. Soviet kit
BTR-40 & BTR-60

Steve Cox
1. SdKfz 251 Revamps - These are mostly complete now, so we just need to get them into moulds.
2. Korean Artillery - There's a number of artillery pieces that we're missing for the new Korea range so Steve will be doing these first.
3. WWII Artillery - We also need to add a number of pieces for the Italians plus a Russian 37mm AA.
4. Panzer III's - Next on the revamp schedule are the Pz III's.

1. ? ? ? - John's going to be helping out with our mystery project, so this will be his first job of 2019.
2. WWII - We're then going to add a few items for the Eastern Front and start a new range based around Normandy, so farms, houses, etc.
3. Odds and ends - We've got a few additions for the ACW and 18th/19th C Europe.

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