3 Jan 2019

Pendraken Miniatures 2019 Top 10 Requests

Pendraken Miniatures 2019 Top 10 Requests

With a new year comes an updated Top 10 Requests!  There's only been a few changes since the last list, but we're making some good progress.

Top 10 Ranges:
1.   Naps in India
2.   War of 1812
3.   1920's/1930's Gangsters
4.   Yom Kippur
5.   Modern Infantry (US/UK)
6.   Modern Insurgents (Afghan/African)
7.   Medieval Expansion
8.   Boxer Rebellion
9.   Renaissance Italian Wars
10. Mexican-American War

The majority of these requests have been in the Top 10 for some time now but we're being held up slightly by other projects in a similar period.  The Naps in India and War of 1812 can't be started until we've finished off 1809 and done some work in the Peninsular, so we need to get those areas sorted out first.  Similar with the Yom Kippur and Modern requests, these are part of a larger chronological expansion from WWII onwards, so with Korea out there now we can move on to the Arab-Israeli conflicts towards the end of this year hopefully.

Elsewhere, the Boxer rebellion will depend largely on how well the Indian Mutiny range sells when it's released in a couple of months time.  If sales are strong then it'll show an appetite for this area of history and we can then look at the Sikh Wars, Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion.

Top 10 Items:
1.   WWII Italian Artillery
2.   Fantasy Bears
3.   Modern Police
4.   Elizabethan Genitor
5.   AWI Wagons/Carts
6.   SYW Ottoman's
7.   WWII Russian 37mm AA
8.   Armoured Mongols
9.   Huey Conversions - NEW ENTRY!
10. WWII Drivers & Passengers - NEW ENTRY!

Two items on the Top 10 Items can be ticked off as we got both the Pirates and Vietnam Radio Ops sculpted at the end of 2018.  They've not been put into master moulds yet but they won't be far away.  So, coming into the Top 10 we've got Huey conversions on our existing model (to make open doored versions with guns/rockets), followed by drivers and passengers for our WWII vehicles.  The latter request is something we've already got on our radar as it's not a difficult one to get done.

With the rest of the Top 10, we've got the Italian artillery on the sculptors schedule for this year while he's doing the missing Korean War artillery and we'll get him to do the Russian 37mm AA as well.  We'll also be looking at some new Fantasy monsters and conversions of some of the old figures, so we'll try and include Bears in our plans.

The previous Top 10 Requests can be found here: and keep the requests coming!

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