15 Jan 2019

New 10mm Demon Dwarfs from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Hi it’s with great excitement we would like to share with the war gaming community the first preview of our 10mm Demon dwarfs line. We are hoping to do 2-3 times the amount of models we are currently showing. Further these models ware no way done and texture will be added to things like hair, more poses more unit types many of which are nearly done! We just couldn’t resist sharing. .This was made to fill a gap in the war gaming community by players of 10mm war games for the fans of 10mm games. We hope you follow or like us and make sure to share with your friends, group, blogs or whatevers.Much more info soon on the kick starter and if there’s enough interest they can be made in other scales. All models will be cast in metal and prototypes are done with high quality 3d printers. We have been working on for just shy of 16 hours with 2 hours of brakes, hammering it out for you. Hope you as psyched as we are!

Demon Dwarfs

Demon Dwarfs picture 1

Demon Dwarfs picture 2

Demon Dwarfs picture 3

Demon Dwarfs picture 4

Demon Dwarfs picture 5

Dancing Yak Miniatures

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