13 Jan 2019

New Sculps from Fogg of War Miniatures

Some new figures to complete from Fogg of War Miniatures ranges. Any thoughts or additions would be appreciated.

New Sculps

New Sculps picture 1

New Sculps picture 2

New Sculps picture 3

New Sculps picture 4

New Sculps picture 5

Fogg of War Miniatures


  1. Hi, very nice, be keen to find out when they'll be available. Interested in the elephants from the Google Pics site too.
    Would really love to see some size comparison shots so I can tell if they are Pendraken or Kallistra in size :).

    1. As far as I'm aware there supposed to be coming back into production, as for when I can't tell you unfortunately and the same goes for the size comparisons. However I have contacted Peter and he may comment on this post and give you more information.

  2. Thanks, will keep an eye out...

  3. No news on what's happening with this range? I saw somewhere that there was a rumour they were bought by Reivers Castings but that all came to a dead end.