31 Jan 2019

Building #1 from Wulfshéade Miniatures

Here's a couple pics of the Building #1 printed and assembled.

I might separate the "lattice" parts form the sides, since the support material made the edges a bit rough and hard to clean.

But otherwise it looks great. I'll take better pictures for the Kickstarter with a proper backdrop (not the library!).

The miniatures at the bottom are 15mm ClearHorizon Miniatures Helldiver models so you can get an idea of it's scale when printed for 15mm models.

You can scale it up or down as well, for use with 6m, 10mm, 20mm on up.

Building #1

Building #1 picture 1

Building #1 picture 2

Building #1 picture 3

Wulfshéade Miniatures

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