18 Jan 2019

Lieutenant Melvill from Steve Barber Models

The Dash With The Colours!

As it will soon be the anniversary of the battle of Isandlwana we have added this miniature of Lieutenant Melvill trying to escape with the colours of the 24th regiment to our 10mm Zulu Wars range.

Teignmouth Melvill

On 22 January 1879 after the disaster of the Battle of Isandlwana, South Africa, Lieutenant Melvill made efforts to save the Queen's Colour of his Regiment. He and Nevill Josiah Aylmer Coghill were pursued by Zulu warriors and after experiencing great difficulty in crossing the swollen Buffalo River, during which time the Colour was lost and carried downstream, the two men were overtaken by the enemy and following a short struggle both were killed. The Colour was retrieved from the river ten days later.

Lieutenant Melvill

Lieutenant Melvill picture 1

Lieutenant Melvill picture 2

Lieutenant Melvill picture 3

Steve Barber Models

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