16 Jan 2019

Ancient Warfare XII. 5, Feb-Mar 2019

Ancient Warfare XII. 5, Feb-Mar 2019

Men recruited from every corner of the empire, auxiliaries played an important role in augmenting Rome's military might. For the soldiers themselves, service meant a path to citizenship and future success.

Theme: Roman auxiliary units

Jasper Oorthuys, 'Introduction to the theme - Indispensable auxiliaries'.
Lindsay Powell, 'The battle of Idistaviso, summer AD 16 - Follow the Roman birds'.
Konrad and Aurelia Stauner, 'Crooked regimental bankers - Scooping out the money'.
Jon Coulston, 'Roman cavalry at the height of the Empire - Riding for Trajan and Hadrian'.
Jasper Oorthuys, 'Reading a Roman military diploma - Service ensures citizenship'.


Gary Brueggeman, 'True-scale battle maps - CAD and Cannae'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Animal hunting in the Roman army - The Venatores'.
Gareth Williams, 'The Thracian massacre at Mycalessus - What price life?'.
Raffaele D'Amato 'The monument to Aurelius Bitus - Killed in action'.
Tacticus, 'Taktikè Technè, part X - Tactics at Cynoscephalae'.

Ancient Warfare

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