27 Oct 2018

The Legends of Mythos of Legends

The Legends of Mythos of Legends

For millennia the actions and adventures of heroes, villains and monsters have been passed down through fables, legends, sagas and stories across the generations. Recorded in song and stone, on parchment and tablet, from campfire tales to paperback and epub. The legends of humanity’s history have been carried through time, with truth and fantasy blending inexplicably into something that transcends culture, language and belief. Whilst the units of Mythos of Legends are predominantly made up of nameless men and beasts, the most exceptional characters of all ages have been encapsulated within the factions of the game, with abilities and powers inspired by their role in the stories of history and myth.


Within the game, Legendary units are as unique and distinct as the epics they’re drawn from, taking on a variety of roles that a player can chose to enhance their game play. Unlike their regular mortal and mythic counterparts, legendary units are not influenced by the whims of the gods. As such, they have their own skill test target scores, and the number of dice rolled in a given test is not affected by the Mythos Board. This can make legendary units an interesting part of an army, able to prop up an aspect of the game that the player’s deity is weak at, reinforce a strength or bring special abilities to the battle.


The Legendary Units of Mythos of Legends have a mixture of unique and bespoke special rules, weapons and Mythic Actions at their disposal, to create innovative plans of battle and dynamic ways to approach conquest. Should the Lernaean Hydra at your disposal annihilate your foes through immolating flames or savage fangs? Would it better to use the prophecy of The Norns to enhance the saga of your warriors, or undo the threads of fate for your opponents? Perhaps the Sphinx at your disposal could simply pounce and crush your opponent’s general under claw or would it be wiser to ask them a complex riddle and consume them should they fail?

Legendary units can also bring a new and innovative way to collect and play your games of Mythos of Legends: with Ragnar Lothbrok fighting within your force, hordes of Viking raiders can ambush opponents in new and dynamic strategies; under the leadership of Nephren-Ka your force of Eldritch abominations may be blended with the hosts of Ancient Egypt to create the Army of the Black Pharoah, where unspeakable horrors draw battle lines alongside hosts of chariots and apostate


These miniatures are designed to be a slightly larger scale than the regular counterparts. Practically, it can help players to identify these special units more readily if they may not be aware of another faction’s characters. As hobbyists, this slightly larger scale creates opportunities to present centre pieces to their collection, with a greater volume of detail and character, whilst remaining affordable and aesthetically fitting as ‘larger than life’ legends should.

Throughout the Kickstarter campaign we will continue to unlock a whole range of legendary miniatures for players to collect, assemble, paint and use on the field of battle. Follow the link below to explore the developments in the Mythos of Legends Kickstarter Campaign today

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