22 Oct 2018

Mythos of Legends: Overview

Mythos of Legends: Overview

Mythos of Legends is a miniatures wargame that has been designed over four years to meet the needs of 21st century gamers to provide a fun, innovative and affordable game. After thousands of hours of development and testing we’re finally ready to share it with you all.

Mythos of Legends is a miniatures wargame that has been designed over four years to meet the needs of 21st century gamers to provide a fun

Why haven’t you heard about this before? Because we wanted to do something bold, exciting and ambitious that would take herculean efforts to pull off. Because we weren’t sure how long it would take to create and design an entire rule system and several characterful army factions.
Because we didn’t want to promise something great only to release a sub-par product and disappoint you. This game had to be awesome, and after a lot of time, money and effort it absolutely is.

Why haven’t you heard about this before?

In this overview, we could describe the rules and the factions briefly, but they’re outlined better in other sections. I could go on about the thousands of hours of writing, conceptualising, testing, cursing, re-testing and rewriting the rules repeatedly until they were not only clear and logical, but still fun and exciting. I could go on about the troubles and pitfalls of finding how we could not only design a game concept but ensure we could bring it to you all reliably and with the highest quality. Instead, I’ll talk about why we decided to do this in the first place – after all, there are loads of great wargames out there already (we play a heck of a lot of them ourselves!) – so why go to all this effort?

In a way, Mythos of Legends grew out of frustration. Both wargaming and the world around us have changed a lot since many of the larger wargames were first released – back in the 90’s most gamers already had the space to house and play with a large collection of figures. Any gamer who has ever lived in a house share or student accommodation knows that space quickly becomes a premium. I’m sure many of you reading this have had the joy of trying to justify to a partner or housemate why it’s oh so very important to take over the largest room in the house for a day and fill it full of pasting tables and plastic trees. The way in which so many of us work has changed too, where we’re either too busy to build, paint or even game for periods of time, or otherwise too broke to justify that really-nice expensive model that would make our hobby even more fun.

In a way, Mythos of Legends grew out of frustration.

Beyond that, from when we first started developing Mythos of Legends in early 2015, we noticed small but subtle changes to the way games were being designed: where random chance became more of a factor in winning that thinking ahead; where the newer, more expensive models seemed to have significantly more powerful rules than the models that were bought 18 months ago; where rulebooks needed to be re-bought every few years and where FAQ & errata to correct poorly tested rules became the norm despite the high cost of purchasing the rules in the first place.

We set out to design a game to meet the needs of 21st century hobbyists: one that was affordable and accessible to all. A game where players could build, create and play with an army of their choice, that could be customised quickly and easily between matches with ongoing support inexpensively.

A game for those who don’t have the space to store crates of models. A game players can collect and treasure and yet transport their miniatures easily and quickly between games. A ruleset that was thorough and well tested, that could be expanded through digital support for factions to save on costs to both the player and the planet through reduced printing and publishing costs. A game system that was fun and which rewarded strategic thinking; a game where players are constantly engaged with one another not waiting thirty minutes for a turn to be undertaken by your opponent. A game where players could quickly identify with the factions and units before them, becoming immersed amongst wonderful models and fantastical hypothetical feats of battle. A wargame that could be played on a regular table, that wouldn’t annoy any significant others or housemates, which can be unpacked, played and repacked with minimal effort.

It was a heck of challenge. But we’ve done it. The rules are complete. The system is robust. We are happy to unveil Mythos of Legends to the world. All we need now is to cover the necessary costs to begin sculpting and manufacturing the miniatures we need to play this magnificent game. So far, we’ve managed to bring a few miniatures into existence – to give you all an idea of what we want to create, and to demonstrate to both us and to ourselves that what we want to achieve is manageable with the support of Kickstarter Backers – but if we’re to complete the range we’re going to need the support of the community.

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