30 Oct 2018

Not Long Left, Not-Kickstarter from Pendraken Miniatures

Not Long Left, Not-Kickstarter from Pendraken Miniatures

There's only 24 hours left in our 1809 Confederation of the Rhine not-Kickstarter!

We've already hit our £3000 initial target, as well as unlocking limber packs at £3500 and civilians at £4000.  Everyone who pledges for at least 5 packs will be getting a free pack of the civilians added to their order.  There's not long left now, but if we can get to £4500 then everyone will also get free flagsheets for your figures as well!

The ranges are listed on the Forum so have a look through the list, work out what you would purchase and let us know on the Forum.

The campaign will finish at midnight on October 31st, and everyone who has pledged will be invoiced for 50% of your order.  Our sculptor will be given the go-ahead and we'll get them done through Nov/Dec/Jan.  We'll then get them moulded and start sending out customer orders at the end of February 2019.  Everyone will be invoiced for the remaining 50% + shipping once their order is ready to go.

We've got 24 hours left, so let's keep the pledges going and see what else we can add!

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