27 Oct 2018

M44 & M59 Self-Propelled Howitzers Released from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got a quick couple of releases ready before we head off to the Fiasco show this weekend, with the M44 and M52 self-propelled howitzers ready and on the website!

These two are both conversions of the US Walker Bulldog chassis, the first with a 155mm howitzer and used by the US, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Greece and Turkey.  The second has a 105mm howitzer was used by both the US and Turkey (under the M52T designation).

Modern Vehicles

MDV62    M44 Self-propelled howitzer, 155mm      £4.00

MDV62    M44 Self-propelled howitzer, 155mm

MDV63    M52 Self-propelled howitzer, 105mm      £4.00

MDV63    M52 Self-propelled howitzer, 105mm

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