25 Oct 2018

Miniature Wargames 426, October 2018

Miniature Wargames 426, October 2018

• Another  WWII duo. The Western Desert with Gallalabat and the far east with Tarakan: another Command Decision conundrum by Jon Sutherland.
• An exciting preview of our upcoming show, Tabletop Gaming Live
• Stop Motion: Mediterranean Mythology Gaming the Harryhausen way!
• 1/300th gaming: multi period scenarios and suggestions with The Virtuous Soldier and The Troops that you Lead
• Fiction from Friction: some thought provoking command and control ideas.
• Wargames Widow builds herself a big ‘ole church in 54mm!
• In  Send Three and Fourpence there’s With the Colours: the computer moderated rules with and a campaign system and lots of toy soldiers to boot!

Miniature Wargames

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