9 Oct 2018

Slingshot 320

Slingshot 320

Slingshot 320 with the printers and will appear shortly.

Here is a list of the contents:

The debate continues on the historicity of the Bible.
The Sack of Chang'an – Part 2
The concluding half of Nicholas Spratt's article on the Tibetan Empire examines its formidable army.
Paraitakene with Commands & Colours
Playing the Battle Day battle with one of the fastest and easiest Ancients systems around.
Paraitakene with Tactica 2
A much larger and historically more nuanced system puts pike and elephant through their paces.
The Apogee of the Athenian Fleet
Periklis Deligiannis examines how the navy of the great Greek power reached its pinnacle just before its final fall.
Wargaming War Wagons
Chris Hahn looks at the historical use of this unusual weapon and how that use is replicated by popular rulesets.
Building the Lykian Hoplites
Duncan Head shows his techniques for assembling and painting the Hoplites employed at Paraitakene.
How Hard does a Horse Hit?
Justin Swanton calculates the impact power of a horse against infantry.
A good crop of reviews included themed reviews on half a dozen books on Agincourt.


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