6 Oct 2018

TB Line Middle Age Eastern Europe Now Available from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got the next set of TB Line moulds completed so the Eastern European codes are now available again!

This range has 7 codes covering mounted command, cavalry and infantry with a nice mix of sculpts in each.  We've also come across some extra master sculpts while making these new moulds, so both the 'Heavy knights with lance' and 'Armed peasants' have got an extra pose which might not have been available previously.  The horses and riders are separate castings, usually rider + horse, but the light cavalry have got the legs moulded onto the horse with separate upper torso castings.

As with the previous release, these figures match up very well to our own.  We've not made any changes to the sculpts but they have been cleaned up for the new moulds and are much crisper castings.

TB Line Middle Age Eastern Europe

TB-181   Mounted command (15)   £5.50

TB-181   Mounted command (15)   £5.50

TB-182   Heavy knights with lance (15)    £5.50

TB-182   Heavy knights with lance (15)    £5.50

TB-183   Light cavalry (15)    £5.50

TB-183   Light cavalry (15)    £5.50

TB-184   Heavy infantry (30)    £5.50

TB-184   Heavy infantry (30)    £5.50

TB-185   Knights on foot (30)    £5.50

TB-185   Knights on foot (30)    £5.50

TB-186   Armed peasants (30)    £5.50

TB-186   Armed peasants (30)    £5.50

TB-187   Peasant archers (30)    £5.50

TB-187   Peasant archers (30)    £5.50

(Packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 infantry)

The next TB Line range to come online with be the Middle Age Islamics, so keep an eye out for those!

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