25 Oct 2018

The Gods of Mythos of Legends

The Gods of Mythos of Legends

When you take to the battlefield in Mythos of Legends, your army must include a patron deity Miniature for your faction. The deity you chose has possibly a more significant influence over the battle than any other factor that you can directly control, since the deity you select will determine your army’s strengths and potential weaknesses.

In many wargames, the effectiveness of a unit is determined by its own rules and stats alone. The way in which Mythos of Legends works is slightly different, in that your unit’s chance of success is also determined by your faction’s deity. Let’s take a look at Zeus and Athena:

Let’s take a look at Zeus and Athena

When players take any stat tests, they will be compared against the above four statistics – or stat – values. When a player rolls any dice, the result rolled is compared against their chosen deity’s target score, and if it matches or beats it the die is considered a success. If it’s under the score it’s a fail. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your Hoplites, your Archers or your War Elephants, they all roll against the deity’s target score.

Any tabletop veterans should hopefully see the immediate impact of changing Zeus for Athena or vice versa at a glance, and the impact of having a variety of deities available to all factions will have upon Mythos of Legends as a game. You want a game where your strategy focuses on shooting and strategic repositioning? Athena is the Goddess for you. You want to unleash fury and devastation in up-close engaged combat? Ares has you covered. You want a balance, to reflect against all you may face? Zeus will guide you to victory.

Through this mechanic, players can change their entire game style in an inexpensive and pleasant way by collecting and modelling a diverse range of high-quality detailed figures for their chosen pantheons. Want a different playstyle? Just try a different deity. Substance and style in equal measure.

Through this mechanic, players can change their entire game style

During the game the role of the gods comes to the fore at the start of each turn. During the Mythos Phase the players move their deities on the Mythos Board, to determine which bonuses and penalties that their army will have this turn, all dependent on the whims of their patron god. Each deity also comes with a plethora of Divine Interventions for players to attempt to access. These abilities are drawn from legends, sagas, fables and novels relating to each being and can have a dramatic impact upon the battle unfolding below. These powers are as varied and dynamic as each individual god and goddess. Powers such as “The Eye of Horus” can enhance the power of the units under his patronage, Neptune’s “Bringer of Earthquakes” can destroy the ranks of enemy directly and Odin’s powers to resurrect the dead is always helpful mid battle.

However, the will of the Gods is fickle. Players must gamble their precious Mythos Dice and hope to meet the demanding target scores needed to draw down the power of the gods. However, if you can beat the odds the rewards can change a battle in a roll of the dice. There’s always a chance to bring it back when you have faith on your side.

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