2 Oct 2018

Project Update #6: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

Project Update #6: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

And a Happy first day of October to everyone!

As I've mentioned before, once we push the "go" button on a kickstarter, it tends to take on a life of it's own, going in directions that nobody can always plan perfectly for. We planned this one in hopes of generating a LOT of really cool models and tried to include things that would appeal to a wider batch of backers. While we are way ahead of the curve in comparison to our second KS, it has not advanced as far as I would have liked at this point to make getting all of the models we had hoped to include a reality.

So, to increase the overall value of the Core Set, I have gone ahead and removed the Terrain and Aircraft Expansions from this campaign going forward. This will allow some of the higher levels to come down $ wise and allow us to concentrate on just the CAVs and vehicles. We will still be adding the dropship as the final stretch goal once we get closer to the campaign's end.

As far as the Terrain and Aircraft, we will start planning for projects to focus on them in the future and as we get closer we will share those details with you.

I have updated the progression chart and stretch goals on the main KS page with the new amounts.

Thank you for your support and understanding!



Talon Games

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